Have you heard about the Central Highlands?

Lamdong Province

Do your best with all your heart and quality coffee isn’t all that difficult

Coffee was first brought to Vietnam in the late 1800s by the French colonial rulers.
They cultivated heirloom varietals of Arabica coffee in the Central Highlands
where fertile soil, cool climate and sunlight are nature’s blessing.
With patience and know-how, we believe anyone can grow excellent coffee.
Thanks to the favored by open soil, cool climate and sunny weather all year round. We are aware of the values and apply the ideal conditions that make up our solid foundation. Just do your best, try to maintain patience, and follow the right process in the process, anyone can make good quality coffee beans.

If possible, just choose your favorite coffee to enjoy. So do we, just roast as high-quality coffee as possible.


The vital steps of cultivating, harvesting and processing coffee are not simple tasks even in the hands of seasoned farmers. We believes that it would be truly unfair if their fruits of labour do not reach the hands of the people who appreciate the nuances of fine coffee. We’re not saints or angels. We don’t call ourselves artisans. We’re just simple people who believe in careful selection and roasting to produce a great cup of coffee you’ll enjoy as much as we do.


The Local Blend is merely one among our available products. It neither has any typical taste nor a representative product in this huge market with a wide variety of customers. However, we’ve been thinking that every single product should have its own impression and characteristic.
To us, the Local Blend is like a combination of Eastern – Western quintessence as well as an update to renew ourselves.
The Local Blend possesses a taste being in the middle of the mild and strong flavors.
This taste is pleasantly sour but also familiarly bitter, making the special balance of quintessence in its most attractive way to customers.


The Vietnamese highlands of Dalat, Son La and Khe Sanh are blessed with high altitudes, fertile soils and climates ideal for growing specialty Arabica and other species of coffee. Coffee blending is more of an art than a science. Our blends are inspired by unique batches of roasted coffee featuring different coffee varietals; our way of bringing excitement and enjoyment to people who appreciate a good cup of joe.

Our Story

The steps of cultivating, harvesting and processing coffee require utmost care from our loving farmers. We believe that it would be unfair if their fruits of labour do not
reach the cups of people who appreciate the nuances of specialty coffee.

Beyond fine Robusta that we cultivate in our farms, we procure some of the best Arabica beans from a group of passionate farmers based in the various highland regions of Vietnam. Working together to bring local coffee culture to greater heights, they wish to bring the best of Vietnamese coffee to both locals and international customers.

Our Shop

Tractor coffee does not distribute through resellers.
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